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Dr. Nigel Lucchinelli
Dr. Nigel Lucchinelli is a fully qualified, registered Osteopath and member of the Australian
Osteopathic Association (AOA). Nigel completed a five year
Double Bachelor degree of Complimentary
Medicine/Osteopathic Science at RMIT. Prior to this he
completed a three year Applied Science (Health Promotion)
degree at Deakin University.
Nigel’s osteopathic career was inspired by ten years in the
personal and group fitness industry, focusing on strength
and stability, as well as injury rehabilitation. Throughout this
time Nigel has also been involved in Corporate Health
Management as the Health Promotions Officer and fitness
trainer of two leading Corporate Health Management
organizations. He has also a keen interest in cycling and
cycle ergonomics.
Over the past five years Nigel has been part of the team at
the Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic whilst building Realign
Osteopathy in Brighton. He is competent in treating a wide
range of conditions and combines his osteopathic expertise
with his background in fitness as the basis to the treatment of the patient and their future
health management.
He is particularly interested in the fields of posture analysis, core strength and stability and
injury rehabilitation both in sports and the workplace. He has also developed an interest for the
biomechanical changes that occur throughout pregnancy. In his holistic approach, Nigel
regularly prescribes exercises and advises upon lifestyle and maintenance care for the body
and mind.